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About Marjo Lak

    Brazilian Music Festivals are the roots of DJ Marjo Lak's career, inspired by the collective celebration that is DANCE. At the forefront of the Brazilian Electronic Music Scene since 2001, Marjo sharpened her skills in organizing, promoting, producing, and playing parties. In 2005, she and fellow Brazilian DJs (all friends) coined their tech-house music collective, "Butter Music Brazil," and became one of the leading underground party scenes in the country.
     Marjo's passion is the slippery sounds of buttery bass lines that inspire entire dance floors; a musical lubricant that whips bodies into rhythmic movements. Her eclectic soundscapes range from Tech-house, Electro Swing, Brazilian Pop, World, Soul, Funk, Dub to disco, and jazz. She can soothe a chill room with soft and creamy downtempo beats, or make the dance floor sizzle with the energetic, greasy textures of techno, tech-house also influenced by deep house.

     Currently residing behind the Redwood Curtain of California’s North Coast, Marjo can often be spotted spreading her buttery beats on dancefloors throughout Humboldt County. In 2013, Marjo initiated SUMMERTRONICA, the first all-electronic music tent, at the 30+ year Mateel’s Summer Arts & Music Festival in Benbow, CA. In 2015, she was embraced as a member of the long-standing, local (and loved) DJ collective Deep Groove Society.  
    For the past 6 years, DJ Marjo Lak has become known in the Humboldt Electronic Music scene for her creative and strong sets, frequently playing with local favorites as well as headlining music events.
     2015 also brought many new opportunities both in performing as well as production. After many years of bringing  talented artists and Dj’s to Humboldt County, Lak and her husband launched Fraktal Productions. In their first year, Fraktal brought renowned artists Worthy, Stanton Warriors, Christian Martin, Ardalan, Sacha, Robotti, KMLN, Dragonfly all of whom Marjo shared the stage with. . 
      DJ Marjo Lak has also played some of the top festivals in the world including: Sonica – Italy, Universo Pararello - Brazil, Symbiosis and Northern Nights Music Festival 2015 & 2016, Jamboree Trinity – California, as well as many parties in NYC, Goa, India, and Entheocentric with artist Alex Grey – San Francisco.  Recently DJ Marjo Lak was invited to share the stage with the world renowned Dj Gaudi, Audiograph, Delhi to Dublin!